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Outlet Addresses

Administration Society

Shop-1, Commercial-1, Block-6, K.A.E.C.H.S.

F.B Area

Shop # 34, Shamim Sky Tower, Block 9, Yasinabad, F.B. Area.

Gulshan e Maymar

SB-4, Z-3, Gulshan e Maymar.

Farm/Headoffice Address

Plot # 38, 39, 52 acres, Rajput Dairy Farm, Memon Dairy Cooperative Society, Karachi.

UAN: 021-11-11-32479

WhatsApp: 03468222477

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Frequently Asked Questions

Normally delivered in tin cans, packaged in plastic bags, manually
pumped milk, lack of hygiene in milkers and cows and farm, location
and source of milk unknown. Bought from local milk shops, or
delivered in open to the sun trucks.
We have food grade pouches, hands-free automated packaging,
automated hands-free milking, temperature controlled farm and

Karachi based next to Bahria Town Karachi, we share farm location, encourage visitation
Most of the milk in Karachi is NOT from Karachi, most people have no idea of the type or place of the farm where they get their milk from and feed their family

We provide lab tests, don’t add hormones or preservatives,
encourage visitation, have standardized procedures so each batch is treated with the same International standards. We only have cows of our farm- no animal mixing milk.

Assalaam-U-Aliakum. Doctors usually recommend that Cow’s milk be given to babies after 12 moths of age, according to the American Paediatric Association. Before that, it is okay to use in their food, or to cook with, just not as part of their daily intake of milk. Please do consult your babies physician to see what is best for your child.

In saying that, our milk is fresh and 100% pure, without any preservatives or added hormones, so it is a healthy option to have in your child’s diet if they are able to consume milk.

May Allah Bless you and your family.

If your milk never spoils regardless of how and where you store or cook it, it’s probably laced with many preservatives and chemicals to keep it that way.
WE SELL REAL PURE MILK. Our milk spoils if the temperature is too high, that’s why we make sure to have temperature controlled vans, and that’s why we have chillers on our farm.
Is the milk you receive from a temperature controlled milking and delivering facility? If not, there’s a high chance it’s not PURE.

Scientifically, happier and healthier cows produce better quality milk.
Our Cows are treated with plenty of care. We do not inject them with any hormones to increase their milk production.

Normally: farm -> middle man -> middle man -> delivery person->you
Us: Farm-> you (from our farm to your doorstep)